In Ireland, a loan for unemployed is offered as a financing alternative by either an Irish bank or an Irish loan broker to an Irish borrower who is not able to present a salary slip.

In Ireland, the main purpose of an Irish jobless person loan is to provide a financing access solution for an Irish person who does not have the ability to provide proof of regular income as he or she is not working.

In Ireland, financing for a jobless borrower is very difficult if not impossible to obtain because of the Irish banks' obstacles to granting a loan because of the lack of a stable salary.

In Ireland, for an unemployed borrower loan solutions are fortunately available because some Irish lenders offer financing facilities under terms and conditions tailored to each unemployed loan applicant:


In Ireland, a private loan with no job is by definition a special option of funding granted through an Irish investor or an Irish private lender and dedicated to an Irish borrower without involving any Irish bank. In Ireland, a private loan for unemployed Irish people pursues the goal of serving a Irish private consumer or Irish private entrepreneur with fresh funds as they might face problems in dealing with Irish banks because of their credit score. In Ireland, private financing without job is offered via several financial channels including Irish peer-to peer lending internet places where Irish private investors place their money against yields from Irish loan applicants. In Ireland, a private loan for jobless people despite presenting advantages shall draw the attention as to the risks Irish borrowers may take in falling in traps because of upfront fee scams of people who pretend to lend cash.


In Ireland, a payday loan with no job consists by definition as a creative and efficient solution provided by Irish payday lender to accommodate the urgent financial needs of an Irish consumer. In Ireland, a payday loan without job is often one of the sole solutions an unemployed Irish borrower has when it comes to obtain access to a cash facility with other lenders given the absence of proof of income. In Ireland, a payday loan for Irish jobless people looks contradictory in fact as a payday is preconditioned through the existence of an income resulting from a job, payday lender however do not restrict their loans to workers only. In Ireland, a payday facility for unemployed people shall be only used in case of emergency but never on a long term basis given the fact that such type of financing is quite expansive and interest rates are huge.


In Ireland, a microloan for unemployed people is defined by a special funds provided by an Irish financial institution dealing with microfinance and dedicated to an Irish borrower without a job. In Ireland, a microloan with no job consists of a realistic option to pave the way to a jobless Irish individual to become professionally independent through helping him creating his own business. In Ireland, microloan’s main objective is to contribute to the social and banking inclusion of Irish people and Irish small entrepreneurs who cannot stand up nor resume normal activities without a microfinance capital injection. In Ireland, a microloan is playing a crucial role when it comes to help Irish people leaving in the precarity to overcome their financial difficulties by assisting setting up a new professional existence, but it is not dedicated to consolidate debts.


In Ireland, a pawn loan with no job is by definition a short term loan facility proposed by Irish pawnbrokers or Irish pawnshops in order to accommodate the immediate needs of an Irish borrower. In Ireland, a pawn load without job is efficient for Irish consumers of Irish entrepreneurs who are looking for fresh money without using any Irish bank in view of the lack any source of revenue. In Ireland, a pawnbroker loan for jobless people is usually linked to an item of high value which plays the role of collateral in order to obtain approval for a cash facility without any credit check. In Ireland, a pawnshop loan for unemployed people is very useful for Irish borrower without proof of revenue, however an Irish borrower shall take into account the risk taken with the item in deposit as it can be only returned to him after full repayment of the loan, otherwise the pawn lender will sell it via an auction.


In Ireland, a car logbook loan without job is defines as a financing way offered by Irish car logbook lender to help Irish borrower with no proof of income by proceeding with the deposit of the vehicle. In Ireland, a car logbook loan for unemployed people is probably the only remaining solution for Irish consumers who are struggling to obtain bank’s approval for a loan as they cannot afford to present any salary slip. In Ireland, a logbook financing can be achieved through logbook lender granting up to 50% of the real value of a vehicle with repayment terms from 3 months up to 5 years, but with high interest rates. In Ireland, car logbook lending shall be used only in case of extreme high financial emergency not only because of the high financing costs but also of the risks for the borrower to lose his car in case of non-repayment of his date on due time.